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We deliver an insurance platform that enables you and your employees to perform more efficiently and as a result, distribute more product and cover more people. We solve complex problems at every phase of the product cycle—from definition to development to distribution. By unifying all aspects of the digital process, we help increase speed-to-market while simultaneously ensuring accuracy and consistency across your entire organization.

Our approach is unique in the industry because we combine the power of a product-centric environment with an understanding of people and process. Our partnership is one focused on shared success.

With over 25 years in the insurance industry, we’ve learned from our past (and ongoing) relationships to innovate towards the future. Our approach spans verticals and countries: as a subsidiary of msg life, a publicly traded company on the Frankfurt stock exchange, our offices throughout Europe and North America hold a global ecosystem of professionals whose experience in health, group, and P&C insurance bring together the best practices in the industry.

This diversity enables our creative, individualized approach to each client. Combining unparalleled expertise in business, technology, and actuarial sciences, we offer a strategic pathway towards optimum operational and distributional efficiency.

Accuracy. Consistency. Efficiency. That’s what we value.

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Meet the Team

We are one of the leading suppliers of software and consulting services for insurers. We offer customized solutions and are constantly seeking to innovate for the future.


Marc Dutton, CEO

Marc arrived at insurance by the way of banking, first as a Financial Analyst with Barclays, and later in sales with Northwestern Mutual. Marc quickly found that his favorite aspect of insurance was creating an experience for the customer through connection and engagement. Passionate about finding solutions to his customer’s financial needs, Marc fittingly found his niche in 1996 with the emerging technology industry, joining FJA as the Vice President of Sales. As President and CEO of FJA since 2009, Marc oversees a diverse range of opportunities and employees. He strategically develops new business with clients and builds leadership in the office.


Carl Krapp, CIO

Carl came to New York City like most young people— right out of school and searching for a job. Attracted to the risk of a small company and a large, East Coast city, Carl chose one of three offers and began his insurance career at Finansys, which was later acquired by FJA. In 2001, he architected the Product Machine and in 2002, applied the Product Modeling experience to US Healthcare. With a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from one of Germany’s three Schools of Excellence, Achen University of Technology, Carl is driven by quality and depth of both solutions and people. He encourages his employees to think below the surface and always anticipate the next question. Although he has been in New York since 1998, Carl remains proud of his Germany heritage, light-heartedly partaking in heritage parades that accentuate traditional folk dress. It is with this layered vision that Carl continues to develop world-class software, appreciative of FJA’s mission to hand data maintenance over to the client in order to research more advanced solutions for the future.


Joe Wilds, SVP

Joe Wilds was brought to FJA in 2013 by a real desire to change the healthcare landscape. After nearly 20 years of experience in strategic planning and marketing at Blue Cross Blue Shield, he saw FJA’s product-centric focus as an opportunity to truly change how healthcare is delivered and engaged with in America. As Senior Vice President of FJA, Joe ushers in new business opportunities and leads the practice in strategic direction and operational performance. Prior to joining FJA, Joe was Managing Principal of Health Care at Maddock Douglas, an agency of innovation focused on helping large brands bring new ideas to market. He has an MBA from Washington State University, where he also is a top-rated adjunct professor. In 2011, his fund-raising work on behalf of local children who survived blood cancer awarded him a nomination for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year.  He won the 40 Under 40 Executive Award from the Portland Business Journal and currently serves on the Advisory Board at Maddox Douglas. Currently, Joe lives in Portland with his wife and teenage daughters, who helps him strategize for the next generation of consumers.