April 28, 2020, New York FJA-US, Inc., a leading provider of software for the group insurance, health insurance, and property and casualty industries announced today that they have acquired the software assets of Navera (formerly Trustnode).

Navera is a decision support platform that incorporates the popular interactive agent “Harvey,” who guides users through the myriad of insurance options they have, whether at the worksite or direct-to-consumer. The application utilizes decision support tools based on animated stories and cartoon data visualizations designed to educate consumers about their insurance options. Cartoon data visualizations leverage a person’s perceptual ability, making complex insurance concepts, products and processes easier to grasp.

“Today’s technology and social trends make this solution necessary for insurance carriers.  With the growth of the healthcare consumer and the push by employers to offer more voluntary and payroll deduction products, insurance companies have to find new ways to engage with their end customers. This platform does just that,” said Joe Wilds, Chief Solutions Officer at FJA.

“Integrating this solution to our pioneering Unified Product Platform (UPP) completes our solution set and facilitates a carrier’s ability to connect the back-end to an engaging and compelling front-end experience. This engagement tool is a great complement to UPP,” he continued.

Linked to an insurance knowledge base, the Navera platform enables insurance carriers, agents, and benefits brokers to quickly and easily provide a personalized online experience that more effectively engages the customer during the insurance purchasing process. Logical discussion strings engage the user in an interactive conversation and provide a relevant value proposition based on the user’s uniqueness.

“One of the major issues inhibiting the life and health industry’s ability to create better engagement is that the products they sell, while necessary, foster anxiety.  Cartoons and storytelling are an effective way to remove the anxiety of discussing difficult topics associated with morbidity, mortality, lifestyle and medical history,” said Kevin Dunn, Vice President of Group for FJA and former CEO / Founder of Navera.


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FJA-US Inc., as a subsidiary of msg life ag, has been future-proofing insurance for 40 years. We recognize that it’s important for carriers to maintain accuracy and consistency across their enterprise. Our platform enables insurers to underwrite opportunities and build and distribute plans. We empower carriers to create new, modify existing, and retire obsolete products and services to consistently meet market demand.


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