FJA Awarded Top InsurTech Solutions Provider of 2023

CIO Applications interviewed Dr. Carl Krapp and Joe Wilds to examine how FJA manages the customer experience.

May 31, 2022, Boca Raton, FLFJA is thrilled to announce an esteemed award from CIO Applications. In a recent article, titled “The Efficient Customer Experience (CX) Management through Streamlined Insurance Purchasing Processes”, FJA’s exceptional contribution to the industry were highlighted.

We invite you to read the full article on CIO’s website to learn more about FJA is revolutionizing the insurance industry and empowering insurers with streamlined purchasing processes for enhanced customer experiences. Discovery why FJA has become a trusted choice for insurers seeking to drive growth and profitability while delivering exceptional CX by clicking here. 

About FJA

FJA, the insurance technology company, has been a leader in insurance technology for more than 25 years. We serve the nation’s largest carriers of health, life & annuity and property & casualty insurance, including several Fortune 500 insurance industry leaders. Our superior solutions address insurer pain points today while remaining flexible for future challenges. Our end-to-end modular solutions automate the critical activities in the insurance purchasing process and improve customer experience. FJA is a subsidiary of msg life ag.

FJA Sees New South Florida Engagement Center as the Future Hybrid Working Model

Leading insurance technology company signs lease for newest office location; Promotes greater flexibility and quality of life for employees in a post pandemic era

April 19, 2021, Boca Raton, FL – FJA, the insurance technology company, has announced that it has signed a lease for a new office space located at 5295 Town Center Road in Boca Raton. With a new hybrid work strategy of remote work plus an appealing and collaborative office space, FJA is committed to developing a business ecosystem that allows for the greatest flexibility for workers, promoting quality-of-life in areas people want to live and go to an office to work with their peers.

By targeting high-growth areas for technology, and population, FJA affirms its position as human-focused— a value at the heart of insurance. This will be the third office location for FJA and demonstrates the company’s commitment for location as a key component to a healthy work-life balance. Its other office locations include: Denver, with skiing and outdoor activities; New York City, with culture and nightlife; and now, South Florida.

“While companies are no longer confined by geography when recruiting key employees and remote work has fostered an improvement with employee loyalty – hybrid working models combine the best of both worlds – remote working options combined with a collaborative office environment in a fantastic location,” CEO Marc Dutton explains. “South Florida was an attractive location for us as part of our growth strategy because it offers many benefits including a talented and experienced workforce that directly aligns with FJA’s brand.”

As COVID-19 wanes and the post-pandemic era ushers in, FJA’s hybrid office space will be an Engagement Center, designed to retain and attract talent who desire to come together for collaboration and innovation. The design will include floor-to-ceiling windows, modern seating with sit/stand options, large “war” rooms, and café-style communal tables that will serve to inspire communication while offering a fluidity demanded by the past year’s stay-at-home-orders.

The Engagement Center is scheduled to open in September 2021. Next month, FJA will be gradually re-opening offices in Denver and New York City on a limited capacity and volunteer basis.


About FJA

FJA, the insurance technology company, has been a leader in insurance technology for more than 25 years. We serve the Nation’s largest carriers of health, life & annuity and property & casualty insurance, including several Fortune 500 insurance industry leaders. Our superior solutions address insurer pain points today while remaining flexible for future challenges. Our end-to-end modular solutions automate the critical activities in the insurance purchasing process and improve customer experience. FJA is a subsidiary of msg life ag.

FJA Launches DSS Application Featuring Interactive Host "Harvey"

"As insurance companies look to find new ways to engage their customers, interactive decision-support tools, like Harvey, can be a simple and effective way to connect with customers and eliminate the anxiety associated with the difficult topics insurance products are designed to cover."

Joe Wilds and Kevin Dunn announce the launch of decision support tool, Harvey. FJA’s Unified Product Platform is now the first in the market to offer an end-to-end solution for insurance and healthcare processes.

Press Release

Steering Insurers Ahead in the Digital Era

Chief Solutions Officer Joe Wilds‘ was interviewed by Insurance CIO Outlook, as FJA was named one of the Top 10 Underwriting Solutions of 2020. How is FJA preparing insurer’s to meet the industry’s challenges? Read the article below!

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FJA Acquires Navera Software

April 28, 2020, New York FJA-US, Inc., a leading provider of software for the group insurance, health insurance, and property and casualty industries announced today that they have acquired the software assets of Navera (formerly Trustnode).

Navera is a decision support platform that incorporates the popular interactive agent “Harvey,” who guides users through the myriad of insurance options they have, whether at the worksite or direct-to-consumer. The application utilizes decision support tools based on animated stories and cartoon data visualizations designed to educate consumers about their insurance options. Cartoon data visualizations leverage a person’s perceptual ability, making complex insurance concepts, products and processes easier to grasp.

“Today’s technology and social trends make this solution necessary for insurance carriers.  With the growth of the healthcare consumer and the push by employers to offer more voluntary and payroll deduction products, insurance companies have to find new ways to engage with their end customers. This platform does just that,” said Joe Wilds, Chief Solutions Officer at FJA.

“Integrating this solution to our pioneering Unified Product Platform (UPP) completes our solution set and facilitates a carrier’s ability to connect the back-end to an engaging and compelling front-end experience. This engagement tool is a great complement to UPP,” he continued.

Linked to an insurance knowledge base, the Navera platform enables insurance carriers, agents, and benefits brokers to quickly and easily provide a personalized online experience that more effectively engages the customer during the insurance purchasing process. Logical discussion strings engage the user in an interactive conversation and provide a relevant value proposition based on the user’s uniqueness.

“One of the major issues inhibiting the life and health industry’s ability to create better engagement is that the products they sell, while necessary, foster anxiety.  Cartoons and storytelling are an effective way to remove the anxiety of discussing difficult topics associated with morbidity, mortality, lifestyle and medical history,” said Kevin Dunn, Vice President of Group for FJA and former CEO / Founder of Navera.


About FJA:

FJA-US Inc., as a subsidiary of msg life ag, has been future-proofing insurance for 40 years. We recognize that it’s important for carriers to maintain accuracy and consistency across their enterprise. Our platform enables insurers to underwrite opportunities and build and distribute plans. We empower carriers to create new, modify existing, and retire obsolete products and services to consistently meet market demand.


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FJA Adds Evidence of Insurability and Medical Underwriting

April 17, 2019, New YorkFJA is pleased to announce the addition of Evidence of Insurability (EOI) and Medical Underwriting components to its Underwriting Workbench, part of Unified Product Platform. These new components leverage FJA’s industry experience and past implementations within the msg-life group.

“The collaboration to develop and launch these modules is truly a testament to the power of a global organization,” explains CEO Marc Dutton. “We are continually adding to our platform in order to best innovate for the future and anticipate the digitalizing marketplace.”

The extension of FJA’s Underwriting Workbench now provides Evidence of Insurability processing and automated underwriting across both health insurers and group insurers. Underwriters are provided with detailed information collected from multiple data sources to mitigate risk and make profitable decisions, while providing the best possible coverage to consumers. Comprehensive workflow support ensures that applications are processed in time and that drop-out rates remain low.

“We are giving insurers flexibility and decision support like never before. By taking care of the middle and back office, our vision is to provide an end-to-end platform that enables customers to focus on product differentiation and service, while the platform does all the rest,” SVP Joe Wilds states. “And with the world-class product modeling that FJA is known for, insurers can now expand their product lines to see business growth and increased profit.”

EOI will be used across individual product lines and/or Group voluntary buy-ups. It is currently being implemented by two Top 10 Insurers.


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FJA Appoints New Vice President of Group Business Development

FJA solidifies strategy for growth, appoints Kevin Dunn as Vice President of Group Business Development

New York, May 22, 2018 – FJA, the industry leader in product configuration, announced today that Kevin Dunn has joined the company as Vice President of Group Business Development. Kevin brings over 20 years of software and insurance expertise in driving operational and technological transformation.

“Kevin shares our value of product and epitomizes our motto of ‘rethinking insurance.’ The breadth of his industry experience and his expertise in building technology is nothing less than visionary,” said Marc Dutton, President and CEO of FJA.

“We are excited to have Kevin Dunn come aboard FJA,” continued Joe Wilds, SVP. “We plan to leverage Kevin’s ability to sell technological solutions and drive change in an industry that is constantly being challenged. His proven track record building multiple companies, coupled with the innovative power of FJA’s Unified Product Platform are a great recipe for success.”

Before joining FJA, Kevin created Trustnode, the first legitimate software platform connecting group insurers, agents, benefits brokers and employers together in a quick and easy online experience. He also has held leadership roles in sales and marketing strategy for group insurance companies and multiple healthcare-focused software start-ups.  Most recently Kevin served as a management consultant at Silicon Valley’s Slalom Consulting, helping companies solve business problems and build for the future.

“I’m driven by the need to solve a larger industry problem,” Kevin explained. “That’s what brought me to FJA: there’s a very interesting long term vision in place to fix the insurance healthcare market. I’m excited to have the backing of a large financial organization with the vision of a software start-up.”


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FJA Makes Donation to Girls Who Code

NEW YORK, January 24, 2018 –FJA announced today that it has made a donation to Girls Who Code, a nationwide effort to transform the lives of young women through computer science. In lieu of individual prizes, the donation was offered as a “high-stakes” motivator during FJA’s holiday team-building, demonstrating FJA’s commitment to collaboration and community. The donation helps fund afterschool programs and summer programs to teach middle and high school girls how to code and connect with female role models.

“Women have been pivotal in the tech space since day one, but as in other industries, we are not typically given the credit or financial recognition for our work,” says Margaret Medlin, Director of Business Solutions at FJA. “People need to ‘see it’ before they are willing to take a chance to consider women as good candidates for venture capital funding, hiring and promotions. As a Director, our team members, potential recruits and customers have proof that FJA values women in roles of authority. That says a lot about FJA, given that there’s still quite a ways to go to achieve gender equality in the US and the world.”

Girls Who Code (GWC) is working to close the gender gap in technology; the non-profit reports that fewer than 1 in 4 computer scientist are women, and that number is declining. But in the last five years, GWC has reached nearly 40,000 girls to help develop a pipeline of young women whose interests in computer science are encouraged and inspired. Donations help the GWC mission by contributing to scholarships and tuitions for young women to attend afterschool, summer schools and even summer classes on college campuses.

“Our strategy is to provide for the future of a growing industry,” continues SVP Joe Wilds. “As the workforce diversifies, it’s important and valuable to support efforts that begin at pivotal moments in adolescent development.”

“Girls Who Code is a great organization that will give back to the industry in the years to come,” says FJA CEO Marc Dutton. “Education will help to bridge gaps, develop skills and empower people.”

FJA shares a commitment to education and diversity. Recently established in-house training programs place colleagues as trainers to help expand and grow coding knowledge, practice, and creativity.


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Joe Wilds Set to Run Seminar at Annual Health Marketing Conference

NEW YORK, February 23, 2017 – Senior Vice President of FJA and passionate healthcare innovator Joe Wilds will explore product definition as the future core of the health payer next week at a conference in Orlando, Florida.

On March 6th and 7th 2017, the World Congress will host their 9th Annual Health Plan Marketing Summit. This forum will serve as space for marketing, sales, and strategy professionals in the insurance industry to convene and discuss emergent trends and pathways to future success. And most of this starts with beating the competition.

“To differentiate yourself in a commoditized world and really start making changes in how you do business,” Wilds explains, “you have to refine and reshape your core.” As marketplace pressures shift towards the individual consumer, product and data management becomes critical in providing the flexibility and credibility and meet the demands of engagement and digitalization.

Joe Wilds carries nearly 20 years of experience in executive positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield to FJA’s industry-leading, product-centric platform, positioning him at the forefront of leadership and innovation.His seminar—over morning coffee—will allow industry professionals to identify: why healthcare must be redefined as product core; how financial and business models can support this new core; and finally, assess their own readiness towards moving to this future.

For more information on Wild’s key recommendations and conference highlights, follow along at FJA’s LinkedIn page. For conference attendance information and future events, please visit The World Congress.


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