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Unified Distribution Platform Meet consumers where they are

The modern consumer environment is multi-generational. No longer one-size-fits all, it’s also no longer one-way-for-all. Endless innovation continues to introduce a myriad of channels across which you now need to engage consumers to distribute product variations most effectively.

The Unified Distribution Platform is a dynamic, responsive solution for today’s multi-generational market. The UDP enables users to quickly make product changes, further customize to the individual or target market, and rapidly push plans to market.  A common platform for marketing, product management, and field operations, Unified Distribution supports the entire proposal process, from data collection and validation to product availability and configuration, to rating and proposal generation.

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Future-proofing insurance with these features

Single Source of Truth

Define your product components at the granular level in order to combine and package marketable offers and up-selling scenarios. Since all data elements are reusable rather than cloned, accuracy and consistency are achieved

Lifecycle Digitalization

The platform seamlessly supports the entire lifecycle of an insurance policy, including needs analysis, quoting, new business and endorsements, as well as cancellations, reinstatements, and claims management.

Multi-Channel Approach

Agents, distribution partners, service centers, and customer self-service via Internet are all supported in a single system, ensuring consistency across your organization while simultaneously engaging new and prospective costumers with the latest in distributional channel technology. With the ability to co-brand and white label, you can customize the way products are sold for every channel and every device.


With the platform’s powerful pro-active sales features, agents, brokers, bank clerks and telemarketing operators can engage in conversations focused on customer needs, making the process of selling insurance faster, simpler, and more relevant.

Your Advantages
  • Empowers users to combine products into bundled packages and upsell scenarios with minimal software development needs
  • Dynamically adapt to new products with minimal software development needs by interpreting new products and generating the necessary data-gathering forms
  • Increase collaboration across entire enterprise
  • Quickly integrate with back office policy administration systems, portals, and other systems through a set of connection adapters
  • Stationary and mobile application allows for easy, simple access
  • Leverage existing assets with the platform’s ability to integrate with several product configurators and engines