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Unified Product Platform for Health Gain Operational Efficiency

The Unified Product Platform for Health Insurance facilitates an error-free, end-to-end processing of benefit plan data. UPP stores, manages and pushes valuable product data throughout your enterprise, connecting product, sales, underwriting and case install. With configurable modules and open APIs, you can leverage existing systems and be flexible enough to meet new business demands.

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Unify your business

Single Source of Product Truth

Centralize and store all of your Product data and business rules in a structured, reusable Product catalog. Management of information becomes simple as users can easily add, change, and retire business rules and Product components when standards, laws, and consumer demand change.

Open API

The platform's open APIs allow for simplified integration with existing systems, leveraging your investments and enabling fast adoption. Product-compliant data easily feeds consumable plans to downstream and neighboring systems-- Broker, Portals, Exchanges, CRM, Underwriting systems-- to streamline sales activities.

Document Generation

With an automated workflow and unified operations, users can easily generate compliant-ready documents such as SBCs, Member Certificates, and Medicare Advantage materials, etc.

Flexible Configuration

With the power of granular Product data or pre-packaged standards, sales users can quickly configure plans to distribute to market. User guardrails eliminate timely and costly errors, ensuring a competitive edge.

Future-proofing insurance
to dynamically respond to market demands.


  • Define Product components — such as benefits, accumulators, adjudications, etc– and your custom business rules.
  • Build plans from a structured Product catalog driven by enterprise rules, allowing sales users to mix-and-match Product offerings to meet both consumer engagement¬†and enterprise guardrails.
    • Configure pre-bundled or customized plans from individual to tiered networks, all the way to large ASO groups.
    • Bundle and package Rx, dental, wellness, and ancillary services.
    • Dynamically generate Benefit Summaries, SBCs, Medicare Advantage materials, along with branded Proposals and Contracts.
    • Establish administrative details that go to the minutia, including funding and billing options to enable installation of large groups.
  • Distribute downstream to:
    • Produce compliant-ready documents.
    • Integrate with CRM, claims, billing, contracts, group administration, reporting, and members and service portals.
    • Support multiple channels and reach consumers in countless ways, including through the public exchange, brokers, benefit consultants, etc.
  • Deliver customer service 24/7 through a comprehensive, searchable view of plans, associated benefits, and historical data.