Our Team

Lara Blackwell

Director of Governance and Engagement

Lara started her career in healthcare as a product and marketing manager, and soon moved to a Director role at a large health carrier. After 10 years of honing her expertise in product/program development and customer experience, Lara joined FJA as a product consultant. She’s spent the last 7 years developing effective business strategies, providing expertise in product development, and tackling complex initiatives across multiple client projects. She holds an M.S. in Marketing from the University of Kansas.

Marc Dutton


Marc found his way to the insurance industry right out of college with Northwestern Mutual in sales. Five years later he joined Barclays as a Financial Analyst. Marc joined FJA in 1996 as the Vice President of Sales and became President and CEO of the company in 2009. Marc oversees the company’s strategic direction and is responsible for running all facets of the business. He has a proven executive management track record with over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in the insurance technology industry. Marc has a B.S. in Business Administration and ISM from SUNY Albany.

Eric Finley

Director of Engineering

Eric is a seasoned engineering manager adept at seamlessly integrating project technical aspects and making information relatable to non-technical personnel. He is an experienced leader, problem solver and program manager with a long history of managing high performing teams. Eric came to FJA nearly 10 years ago from the Colorado Judicial Department, where he helped write and design software for the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

Carl Krapp


Carl began his insurance career at Finansys, which was later acquired by FJA. In 2001, he architected FJA’s Product Machine and in 2002 applied the Product Modeling experience to US Healthcare. For the past 20 years, Carl has developed world-class software designed specifically for the unique needs of insurance carriers. He is responsible for all aspects of the company’s product and software development and delivery. He is driven by the quality and depth of both solutions and people.  Carl has a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from one of Germany’s three Schools of Excellence, Achen University of Technology.

Joe Wilds

Chief Growth Officer

Joe is responsible for delivering FJA’s solutions and technology strategy. Joe works collaboratively with the product teams and customers to spot and set industry trends in order to enhance existing capabilities and identify new product and services opportunities. Joe has 20 years of experience in strategic planning and marketing at Blue Cross Blue Shield and was CEO of Regence Life and Health. Prior to joining FJA, Joe was Managing Principal of Health Care at Maddock Douglas, an agency of innovation focused on helping large brands bring new ideas to market. In 2011, his fund-raising work on behalf of local children who survived blood cancer awarded him a nomination for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year.  He won the 40 Under 40 Executive Award from the Portland Business Journal and currently serves on the Board of Directors at Root Health. He has an MBA from Washington State University, where he also is a top-rated adjunct professor.

Michael Fernandez

VP of Health Solutions

Michael has been with FJA for more than 20 years and leads both product and software development and manages delivery across the company’s multiple health insurance clients. Managing a team of developers, he ensures the delivery of software solutions that meet the specific needs of the company’s health insurance customers. Prior to FJA, Michael was a software developer for AIG. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Stony Brook University.

Bryan Lee

Vice President of Risk Solutions

Byran is focused on improving the technology for payers to align the delivery of value-based care with the incentives for complete, accurate and timely risk adjustment.  He develops and manages strategies for implementing actionable informatics through deployment of technology-enabled solutions.

Mr. Lee is a seasoned healthcare executive with over 30 years’ experience working with payers and providers, focused on Government Programs, operations, compliance and payment practices.  He has built successful teams focused on providing comprehensive business process and compliance management solutions for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Commercial Marketplace health plans.  His expertise in CMS transaction processing and regulatory requirements has led to the successful design and implementation of dynamic rules-based healthcare analytic solutions. Bryan has an MBA in Health Administration and Quantitative Analysis from Arizona State University.